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We are a network of researchers based in the UK and elsewhere who work closely with geographical ideas and practices in Latin America, including close relationships with diverse civil society movements and organisations and academic/non academic institutions.


We aim to foster and deepen our relationships with geography in Latin America while also reflecting on the politics of doing so. This includes both reflecting on the circulation of Latin American geographical ideas within Anglophone geography (including publications, conferences, grants, etc) as well as thinking through our ethical commitments and responsibilities to the region's politics. We aim to provide a forum for sharing strategies of collaboration, publications and events, as well as other activities and initiatives relating to Latin American geography the UK. 

In 2020 LAG was approved as a Working Group of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) with a view to becoming a Research Group in 2022

About Us

Our Mission

Aims for the network include, but are not limited to: exchanging and supporting each others’ research; sharing information on events relating to Latin American geography, including visiting speakers; discussing the ethical and political implications of doing research between Anglophone geography and Latin American geographers; considering ideas for deepening relations with geographical institutions or collectives based in Latin American, for example around grant applications; providing a helpful information point for graduate and postgraduate students, particularly with regards to Latin American knowledges that are systemically silenced within Anglophone scholarship; and/or organising a regular newsletter.

Our Mission

LAG Committee

  • Chair: Sam Halvorsen (QMUL) - email

  • Secretary: Matthew Richmond (LSE) - email

  • Treasurer: Sonja Marzi (Glasgow) - email

  • Dissertation Prize OfficerGabriel Silvestre (Newcastle) - email

  • Early Career Officer: Alejandro de Coss (Bath)  email

  • Early Career Officer: Laura Cardona (Newcastle)  email

  • Conference Officer: Cordelia Freeman (Exeter)  email

  • PGR Rep: Pietra Cepero Rua Perez (Durham) - email

  • PGR Rep: Francesca Ferlicca (Uni of Venice) - email

  • Blog Editor-in-chief: Archie Davies (Sheffield) - email

  • PGR Rep: Francesca Ferlicca, Venice (Uni of Venice) - email

  • Comms OfficerItzel San Roman Pineda (Sheffield) - email

  • Website officer: Maria Jesus Alfaro (Loughborough) - email

  • Website officer: Lucrecia Berteli (LSE) - email

  • Ordinary Member: Sofia Narbed (RHUL) - email

  • Ordinary MemberAna Laura Zavala Guillén (QMUL) - email

LAG Committee
  • Race: Giulia Torino (Cambridge) - email

  • Children and YouthMaria Jesus Alfaro (Loughborough) - email

  • Urban: Matthew Richmond (LSE) - email

Thematic Reps

Thematic Reps

Country Reps


Colombia: Giulia Torino (Cambridge) - email

                 Ana Laura Zavala (QMUL) - email

Argentina: Sam Halvorsen (QMUL) - email

                 Fernanda Torres (UNLP) - email​

Brazil:Matthew Richmond (LSE) - email

          Gabriel Silvestre (Newcastle) - email​​

Chile: Francisco Letelier (UB, UCM, CEUT) - email

          Dana Brablec (Cambridge) - email​​

Bolivia: Anna Laing (Sussex) - email

            Daniela Sanchez-Lopez (Cambridge) - email​​

Ecuador: Sofie Narbed (RHUL) - email

Peru: Maria Jesus Alfaro (Loughborough) - email


Mexico: Alejandro de Coss-Corzo (Bath) - email

Country Reps

We aim to exchange and support each others research relating to Latin American geography.

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